A week of Wellness

To be well is a thing of beauty. Receive complete pampering that will send you home glowing!

Take Hammam treatments and many other natural beauty rituals in Morocco. Its a cure-all for the overworked, tired, and stressed. Get the royal treatment: combine a palace stay and a visit to the best spas/Hammams in Marrakech.

Hammam means “spreader of warmth.” It is a bathing ritual that has its origins in Rome over a thousand years ago, and is still found today in Morocco. This detoxifying body treatment brings the whole body to a state of balance and a sense of well-being, and leaves your glowing! There is no better way to destress and detox than visiting the Hammam. The floors and walls of the Hammam are heated with steaming water running through pipes under the surface. Black soap made from crushed olives and a scrub that removes the dead skin combined with massage will revitalize you.
We will visit the natural pharmacies and learn from nature about benefits from the rich plants and exotic oils of Morocco. We will also visit the most gorgeous gardens and sights to nurture your soul as well, and make the week unforgettable. Please contact us via the form below to inquire about these custom, made-for-you events.

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